Created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2003 and supported by a team of more than 2,100 contributors, the popular scripting language Ruby on Rails builds upon the open-source programming language Ruby. Ruby on Rails now has reached the third build of its third version, and tens of thousands of applications have been written for it. Major businesses that use Ruby on Rails include Scribd, Twitter, Groupon, Shopify, and the Yellow Pages.

Ruby on Rails’ proponents laud the language’s ease of use, which allows applications to be built particularly quickly and can generate increased company productivity. Because applications built with Ruby on Rails can be developed so quickly, the language has lowered the cost of developing custom software, bringing specialized applications more easily within the budgets of start-ups and experimental divisions of large companies.

About Think Tree Technologies

At Think Tree Technologies, the staff prides itself on incorporating the latest software creation tools into the solutions that they build for clients. One of those tools is Ruby on Rails.


Proper training can fuel a company’s success. Without the right training, efficiency erodes, and problems begin to appear in all areas of a business’s operations, resulting in problems like protocol concerns and equipment malfunctions. That is why the training methods that Think Tree Technologies utilizes helps to ensure maximum efficiency and less downtime.

Think Tree Technologies’ strategies include both uniform training across a variety of subjects, as well as the implementation of new courses as the need for training arises during a project’s progression. Think Tree also designs specific training methods for every subject that the business teaches. This approach ensures both employee familiarities with a broad range of matters related to a business, and a high level of engagement as employees find the training immediately applicable to any projects being developed.

Because no two businesses are alike in their needs, Think Tree Technologies provides a variety of training methods. Depending on the depth and length of the course, Think Tree Technologies can administer computer-based, instructor-led, or database-model training. Alternatively, Think Tree can offer some combination of these methods, or all three. But no matter how the training is provided, Think Tree’s training strategies are always customized to the needs of its clients, ensuring the best possible growth from the instruction.